stepupgameWork and life are intertwined and results in one area beget results in another. Any coaching relationship is a collaboration, and it’s about us working together to uncover that unique greatness that already exists inside you.

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Adam Helbling – Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach

Adam Helbling – Motivational Speaker, Author, Life Coach

“Jon teaches the meaning of being selfless. A year after a car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down, I moved into a place called Creative Living to finish my Civil Engineering degree at Ohio State. Jon believes in their mission of providing housing for people with severe physical disabilities to allow them to live independently and serves on the Executive Board.

I introduced myself at a board meeting where Jon joined us through a conference call. I told my story and explained that I knew my true purpose was to finish my book about my struggles with bipolar disorder and a spinal cord injury.

Jon believed in me and my message and got in contact with me right away. He wanted to get my story heard as much as I did. He helped me start a blog that has been viewed by over 30,000 people and helped put together an incredible Kickstarter campaign. With his help I was able to accomplish the biggest dream of my lifetime and publish my book “Well… I Guess I’m Not Jesus”.

Jon continues to support me as I work as a motivational speaker. Without Jon I never would have found true happiness like I have found it today. He will believe in you and figure out your strengths and help you use them in a way that will change your life.”

Michael Ridgway – Paylocity

Michael Ridgway – Paylocity

“Jon really helps you put things into perspective. He sets a great example and provides motivational and personal development tools to help you stay focused. His posts always seem to come at the right time and resonate on a personal level. Working together in a small group really helped me identify ways that I could become more productive and efficient, and maximize my time each day.”

Lauranne Waller – The Ohio State University Foundation

Lauranne Waller – The Ohio State University Foundation

“Jon’s straightforward and uncomplicated style was exactly what I needed to build clarity. I had a big project that I had been working on for weeks and was making very little progress. Jon was able to get me to see the essentials – WHAT, WHY . . . then HOW. Thanks to him, I was able to complete the project within a few days and the results were very positive. In addition, the tools he gave me are applicable for many situations. I’m much more productive now.”

Chad Moros – Sales Professional at Handling Concepts, Inc

Chad Moros – Sales Professional at Handling Concepts, Inc

“Participating with Jon Giganti in his group coaching was a phenomenal experience. Under Jon’s leadership he was able to bring the group together to share best practices in time management, career growth planning and general life lessons for handling the stresses and challenges we face in the modern working world.

The group discussions also made me realize that we all can improve our work habits and that we are all not perfect workers.  However Jon’s own personal and professional life experiences makes you feel comfortable discussing these truths about yourself and others.  I highly recommend working with Jon to up your game get a true sense of how to maximize your potential.”



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