Who:  Since you’re reading this, I imagine you’re not satisfied with the status quo.  My goal is to help you reach your potential and I believe this program can truly move the needle for you.  If you’re struggling to find the time and energy to deliver high impact results, you’ve come to the right place.

Why:  Time is finite and distractions are all around us.  You must be an assassin on your time and your energy to do high impact work.  If you’re struggling to find time in your day and get the results you desire, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.  I know, because I used to struggle with always feeling busy and not getting anything done.  Once I shifted my mindset and learned to focus on the key 80/20 outcomes, my world began to change.  I got more done in less time and felt good about what I was accomplishing.  I want you to feel the same way.

What  The purpose of this program is help you find more purpose, passion and ultimately be more productive (on the right things!).  We’ll dive into three pillars of performance to achieve this:

1.  Awareness – Understand your current state

2.  Action – Develop your desired approach

3.  Achievement – Maintain your assassin focus

When:  The cohort consists of 10 weekly 90 minute calls.  The 10 week structure is setup to be a systematic process that allows you to collaborate with your fellow participants.  We want you to ACT and this Cohort will bring you the Accountability, Community and, ultimately, Transformation.  The next class starts Sunday, February 22nd, 2015.  Calls will start at 9pm Eastern time.

Where:  This is a virtual group that will meet via teleconference each week.  Each call will be recorded and you’ll get access to a video lesson for each week, a weekly guidebook and a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with others who have or are going through this process.  So, if you have to miss a week, that’s ok, you can still stay on course with the group.

How:  The investment is $247 and, of course, showing up filled up and ready to become the person worthy of your potential!

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I look forward to partnering with you and adding value to your life!

Feel free to drop me a line if you have a question —>  Click Here to Email Jon

Our Guarantee:  If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll offer a 110% money back guarantee.  Our goal is to add significant value to you and help you gain greater clarity and focus in your work and life.


“Participating with Jon Giganti in his Catalyst Igniter Cohort was a phenomenal experience.  Under Jon’s leadership he was able to bring the group together to share best practices in time management, career growth planning and general life lessons for handling the stresses and challenges we face in the modern working world.

As a sales professional for over 12 years I have never been in a discussion group that focused so much on managing our strengths and emotions and daily actions when it comes to defining success.  Jon’s philosophy is to identify and understand the habits of each person’s own personality and then using his techniques he helps you manage and maximize peak performance so you work efficiently and focus on your core strengths.

The Igniter group discussions also made me realize that we all can improve our work habits and that we are all not perfect workers.  However Jon’s own personal and professional life experiences makes you feel comfortable discussing these truths about yourself and others.  I highly recommend working with Jon to up your game get a true sense of how to maximize your potential.” – Chad Moros, Sales Professional at Handling Concepts, Inc

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“I had the great opportunity to participate in a Catalyst Igniter Cohort under Jon Giganti’s leadership.  In my corporate career of over 15 years I’ve attended all types of training and personal development courses and had the opportunity to work with some great mentors and coaches, but there is something special and different about Jon’s approach.  He worked with a few of us who were all in different places with our careers and in life in general to create an energy and dialogue that promoted unique growth among each of us. This experience helped me to take inventory of what’s important, think about how I am managing my time, and draw upon others’ experiences to look ahead and set worthwhile and well thought out goals for myself. Jon’s genuine care for each person, his great listening ability, and knack for sharing what he has learned from others and facilitating us towards action was nothing short of extraordinary! Thank you Jon!” – TJ Turner -Director at Vertex Inc. 

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